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About the KM Kollective

We are a family committed to utilizing our passion for the art of dance to inspire and cross all boundaries within diverse communities through artistic expression, humility, constant growth, and respect for all.

KABA Modern

Kaba Modern was established in 1992 by Arnel Calvario and is the collegiate division of the KM Kollective. As a proud part of the Filipino-American club Kababayan at UC Irvine, he founded the group to perform in the modern dance suite of their annual PCN (Pilipino cultural night). The group has since evolved to be one of the most cutting edge Hip Hop dance crews in California. Kaba Modern’s legacy has lived on, first and foremost, as a family of artists, while embracing diverse styles of dance to create a name for themselves in the dance community.

KM Legacy

KM Legacy was created in 2002 as the alumni-based exhibition team of Kaba Modern. As a family of talented dancers and performing artists based in southern California, KM Legacy's work has been a staple in the dance community and influential at an international level. Known for cutting edge choreography and iconic performances, it has dancers working in the professional industry, appearing on national and international television, and teaching workshops around the globe.


Founded by Cio Malonzo in 2005, Kaba Kids is the youth division within the KM Family under Kaba Modern and KM Legacy. Brought together by its passion for the art of dance, Kaba Kids is blessed by the graces of family and thrives on the strength of its artistry, having earned such awards as 3rd place at Bridge Jrs 2012, 3rd place at Body Rock Juniors 2012, and 1st place at Bridge Jrs. 2014.